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Building the TPA Athlete
December 11, 2014
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As part of the #tpafamily the Bracebridge Blues have access to our exceptional training and Total Performance Athletics elite athletic strategies. 

Here are a few words from one of our exceptional trainers.


Our innovative methods, based on science and practical application, will push athletes to reach their potential by training to create a more efficient and well communicating body. A body programmed to perform at its peak potential while minimizing the risk of injury in the process.

  1. Train: Total Performance Athletics training philosophy for elite athlete development is built on the purposeful integration of:
    • Functional Assessment: provides the information needed to customize and build a program that fits your needs; complete analysis of biomechanical dysfunction and scan for weak links through the kinetic chain
    • Balance Integration, Stability/Mobility, & Movement Pattern/Postural Correction
    • Athletic Development: Speed, Agility, Nervous System Training, Deceleration (Efficient Stopping/Body Control), Linear Acceleration & Multi-Directional Movement, Reactivity & Sport Specific Movement Patterning
    • Athletic Strength Development: focus on functional strength through kinetic chain and its transition to force velocity and peak power production focusing on the demands of each individual sport to create a program that optimizes performance and decreases the risk of injury. 
    • Energy System Development: Sport specific energy system training that focuses on the unique demands of each sport from aerobic to anaerobic capacity and short duration linear power
  2. Refuel: Our comprehensive nutrition based program is built around coaching our athletes and educating them with the tools they need to succeed. Through individual customized meal planning, nutritional advice, and coach/athlete shopping, athletes will be given the means necessary to make the choices necessary to not only optimize performance but to understand how to refuel to match their training needs and individual goals.
  3. Recover: Bridging the gap between training hard and training smart. Recovery and regeneration methods that include trigger point therapy, fascial release, Yoga, and in-house registered massage therapy that focus on accelerating recovery, preventing injury, and keeping our elite athletes running as healthy well oiled machines. 

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